World's First Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera

Welcome to the future of video. The AirDog is your airborne sidekick, giving you the ability to track, follow, and fly your way to whole new heights of videography. This is epic videography for the extreme fanatic.
Tracks your position by receiving signal from AirLeash and follows you.
Fully autonomous from take-off to landing. No remote control skills required.
Stabilized video
Gyroscope stabilized gimbal. Forget about shaky footage.
foldable body & props
Protects small parts. Easy to carry.
Camera pitch control
AirDog has a clever gimbal that will always point camera towards you.
Gimbal with GoPro waterproof case attachment.
AirDog is a small, agile, foldable quadcopter, especially designed for shooting video of action sports with the GoPro camera. AirDog automatically follows you by tracking your position. AirDog uses a gyro-stabilized gimbal to make sure that your aerial videos are super stable and smooth. (camera not included)
AirDog connects to a waterproof wrist remote using long range Bluetooth. The AirLeash tells AirDog your exact location using a clever data fusion from different sensors. Attach it to your helmet, surfboard, wrist, or put on your backpack — anywhere it can be exposed to the sky.
AirDog App
AirDog will fly out of the box however you can download our mobile app to configure advanced flight modes, record your tracks & laps and share your best moments with friends and AirDog community. AirDog App is available for iPhone & Android smartphone and it's free. App soon available on:

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