It all started with the gift of a remote-control helicopter. Edgars Rozentals was hooked, fascinated and enjoyed the challenge of controlling unmanned systems. Together with friends Edgars founded Helico Aerospace, Inc., developing industrial UAVs in Riga, Latvia.

As an avid kite surfer and skateboarder Edgars had many friends in the adventure sports scene. A friend, a local snowboarding legend, mentioned that it would  be cool if a drone could follow a rider automatically and film everything. At first the idea seemed crazy, but it was inspiring. Driven by a passion for adventure sports combined with an extensive engineering background  the engine started and the concept of AirDog was born.

AirDog was designed with top action and adventure sports in mind, for each Founder and every AirDog team member it's different - MX, skateboarding, snowboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, biking, skiing, anything that gets the adrenaline going, gives us joy and motivation to push our boundaries. We’ve reinvented drone controls with AirLeash, and we’ve researched each and every sport to customize AirDog’s flight modes, all in order to make capturing your adventures  flawless and effortless.

We wanted to do something radical and to inspire. So everyone could feel the freedom given by adventure sports and to tell a part of their story in a way like never before. We believe that we are going to achieve this with AirDog.

It's all lead to this point. After more than two years of design, development and rigorous testing and with a team of 26 working across the world, a successful Kickstarter campaign, a Best of CES award and support from an incredible community AirDog is flying and capturing all the action. We are part of an amazing community of Kickstarter backers, first AirDog users and adventure seekers, thanks to whom it is possible to push this vision forward.

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