12 Awesome Spots For River Surfing

November 28, 2015

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When talking about surfing, people imagine massive coastal waves and scenic beaches, but river surfing isn’t about the ocean and beaches, it's about finding the perfect inland wave.
We’ve got 12 awesome river surfing spots from all around the world, some of which are perfect for AirDog to capture your epic moments.

1. Eisbach River – Munich, Germany

Munich, the Bavarian capital, is a river surfing hotspot. The standing wave has been surfed 1972, and nowadays the wave is ridden by up to 100 people each day. Its only been since 2010 that surfing on the Eisbach River has been officially allowed. With the river being shallow, that’s why a sign warns surfers -“Due to the forceful current, the wave is suitable for skilled and experienced surfers only”. 

Photo: Christiano Maia

2. Zambezi River – Livingstone, Zambia

Unlike the Eisbach River, where surfing is possible  almost all year long, the Zambezi River the tubing wave is forming only twice a season – in January and July, so Zambezi is quite an exclusive surfing spot, so start planning your trip timely!

Photo: Alan Van Gysen

3. Mur River – Graz, Austria

Surfing the Mur River is a regular on two waves directly near the main bridge or Hauptbrücke, as it is called by locals. Every summer river surfers from all around Austria join the “Murbreak Riversurf Contest” at the Radetzky bridge on Mur River. 

Photo: Paolo Bosetti

4. Bulken River – Voss, Norway

Norway, which is famous for its beautiful fjords and great skiing spots, has several rivers for surfing. The most famous is Bulken River in Voss. If you’re in Scandinavia, accept the challenge and visit Bulken!

Photo: Cristina E Lozano

5. Thun River – Thun, Switzerland

Thun is a pretty similar spot to Eisbach, because you can surf near the shore, but that means you have to be a very skillful surfer. One wrong move and the stream can throw you in the cold river water.

Screenshot from YouTube

6. St. Lawrence River (Habitat 67) – Montreal, Canada

The standing wave, which is called Habitat 67, is created by fast-moving water hitting underwater boulders. The wave can reach a height of 6 ½ feet (2m), that’s why this locale is not only a popular destination for river surfing, but also for whitewater kayaking.


7. Snake River – Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

Jackson Hole is the most famous river surfing community in the USA. Almost 40 years ago, the first surfers rode the Snake River. The prime season in Jackson Hole is from May to early August, when the melting snow creates a runoff, ideal for river surfing.

Photo: Kelsey Dayton/Wyofile

8. Severn River – Gloucester, England

Facts about the Severn River are pretty stunning. “Severn has the third highest tidal range in the world – the tidal range can be as much as 49ft (15m), this combined to the “funnel” shaped estuary causes the incoming tide to create great a bore,” TheSevernbore.co.uk describes the size ofthe tidal. The spring and autumn tides are the biggest, so if you want to visit Gloucester, plan your trip in March, April, September or October.

Photo: SWNS

9. Clark Fork River – Missoula, Montana, USA

Brennan's Wave is a manmade wave on the Clark Fork River. Seven years ago the city of Missoula dug out a section of the Clark River downtown and covered the bottom with concrete, creating a wave specifically for river surfing. Now river surfers from all around the U.S. visit Missoula to catch the best waves.

Photo: Jay Keenan

10. Qiantang River – Hangzhou, China

The Qiantang River and its bay are known for the world's largest tidal bore.  Two years agothe first surf competition was held on the river. The Chinese government had a restriction on the  number of surfers allowed to surf the Qiantang River. The tide rushing into the river mouth from the bay causes a bore which can reach up to 30ft (9 meters) in height and travels at up to 25mph (40kmph). The view is epic!

Photo: Surfin China

11. Petitcodiac River – New Brunswick, Canada

The hype over the Petitcodiac River tidal bore increased after the causeway gates opened in 2010. The size of the tidal bore has been growing ever since. Tidal bores in Petitcodiac River occur twice a day and comes from the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. Two years ago, on July 24, 2013, The North American record for surfing a single river wave was set by JJ Wessels and Colin Whitbread of California. They surfed the Petitcodiac River's tidal bore for 18 miles (29 km). Yes, 18 miles! 
More about that amazing ride you can find here.

Photo: Greg Agnew

12. Amazon River – Brazil

This is might be the most dangerous spot on this list. You can find the pororoca tidal bore on the Amazon River, which measures up to 12ft. It occurs at the mouth of the river where its waters meet the Atlantic Ocean. The phenomenon is best experienced in February and March, and that means you have only two months until surfing in the Amazon.

Photo: Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Go For it

Many of these spots would be great places to take AirDog with you to capture yourself during your river surf in way that few have. We’re really looking forward to seeing footage from AirDog users so if you make it out to a locale on this list, let us know!



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