16 Extreme MTB Trails for You & AirDog

October 23, 2015

MTB beginners usually try to avoid difficult and dangerous trails, and it's smart to do so. If you're an experienced MTB rider and have a thirst for adrenaline, check out these extreme Mountain Bike trails, which you’ll definitely love. Imagine the insane shots you’d get with AirDog!

1. Yungas Road a.k.a. The Death Road – Yungas region, Bolivia

For almost 20 years it has been called the world's most dangerous road. There is a 40 mile (64 km) stretch of continuous downhill riding with only one short uphill section - that’s why it’s a favorite destination for skilled and experienced Mountain Bike riders from around the world.

Photo: teacherontwowheels.com

2. Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

Local authorities don’t approve of cyclists taking this route (and we don't encourage going against their warning, but it's still worth featuring), because one mistake or strong gusts of wind can throw you in the Atlantic Ocean from a several hundred feet high cliff.

Photo: Victor Lucas


3. Alp d’Huez – France

This is not only a popular ski resort, but also home to the world's most challenging MTB race "Megavalanche". The trail is about 13 miles (22 km) long and has an approximately 1.5 mile (2,500 meter) descent.

Photo: Cyril Charpin

4. The Annapurna Circuit – Nepal

Riders have an opportunity to ride around the world’s 10th highest mountain through rocky and snowy roads and see unbelievable sights. This trail is totally different than the others in this list!

Photo: Ergon Bike

5. Strada Delle 52 Gallerie – Italy

This trail isn't very popular for mountain bikers, but if you up for  trying it, you need to be a really experienced and skillful rider. The road, which goes through the cliffs, is a military mule road built during World War I.

Photo: Vicenza Today

6. Porcupine Rim – Utah , USA

At the beginning of the trail you’ll face a great climb, after that you’ll see amazing views from the cliff rim and then an extremely technical downhill will follow. 

Photo: Trevor at MTBR

7. Ötschergräben – Austria

In order to successfully ride the trail, you need to have good balance, because you’ll face a very narrow road and wooden bridges, which are build for hikers, not for mountain bikers. There's some tunnels and heavy tree cover on this trail, so if you take AirDog with you, plan you're route before hand.

Screenshot from YouTube.

8. Comfortably Numb - Whistler, Canada

Whistler desribes it as "the longest and most physically challenging singletrack ride in the Whistler valley". The trail is almost 12 miles (long and the total ascent is 3,373 feet (1028 meters) . The track is very difficult!

Photo: Pat Mulrooney

9. Garbanzo – Whistler, Canada

Garbanzo is another difficult and extreme mountain bike trail in Whistler. Going down the trail you’ll have to watch out for giant rocks and also from tree roots and branches. This wouldn’t suit AirDog as of now, but nonetheless, a rad ride is bound to take place.

Photo: Cargo Collective

10. Maritime Alps – France

An experienced rider James McKnight in Dirt Magazine describes this trail as "inaccessible", "slightly treacherous", "technically demanding" and "discreet". The trail is so narrow that riders can't make mistakes.

1001 Sentires

11. The Rothorn to Täsch - Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is also called "The Mountain Bike Paradise", because there are a lot of different MTB trails for experienced riders and also for beginners. The views in Zermatt are breathtaking, but you need to stay concentrated, because some trails are very risky.

Photo: The Guardian

12. Transalp – Chamonix, France

Beautiful views combined with dangerous mountain trails - that’s what you’ll find at Transalp trails!

Photo: Alps Mountain Bike

13. Bootleg Canyon MTB Trail - Nevada, USA

International Mountain Bicycling Association has designated Bootleg Canyon Mountain Bike Park as an "Epic ride". The trail is really epic and exciting for those who have a drive for adrenaline!

Photo: Downhill Mike at MTBR

14. La Varda - Les Arcs, France

If you are a technical rider, you will love this trail! As a bonus you will get amazing views, if you visit this extreme trail.

Photo: Trail Addiction

15. The North Shore – Vancouver, Canada 

The North Shore MTB trails contain many natural challenges, for example, fallen trees, giant stones and ravines to jump across. As you're riding through the forest, you’ll have to leave AirDog in your backpack for this trail, anyhow, if you’re in Vancouver, go for it!

Photo: Sterling Lorence

16. Sanremo – Italy

Riding in Sanremo trails are tough, because you need to watch out for rocks and steep drops. These trails will be interesting for very technical riders.

Photo: Andy Lloyd



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