AirDog Flies New Zealand

November 25, 2015

For another installment of our customer videos, we've got Rich, hailing from Middle Earth, err, New Zealand. Enjoy his video (which he edited) and take a look at his take on AirDog the short time its been in his hands.

AD - What were your first impressions while using AD for the first time?
Rich - I was like a kid with a new toy when the box arrived and I opened it up! Like with any new technology there is a bit of a learning curve and AirDog is no different. But once it is up an running WOW what a cool piece of kit! As a film-maker I can see endless possibilities for capturing so epic images with AIrDog.

AD - Were you surprised by anything? 
Rich - Obviously as we are in the Beta testing phase and there have been a few unforeseen technical, hardware and firmware issues that the team are working hard to fix before the product hits the market. I am sure this is SUPER frustrating for all the backers out there, but reckon it is worth the wait. 

AD - What will you use AD for?  
Rich - I am a freelance cameraman so will use AirDog to capture cool pictures that tell a story, be it in action sports, documentary or corporate world, I am excited about the possibilities.

AD - How would you describe the feeling of using AD? 
Rich - It is definitely a bit of a rush using AD. It is early stages so find myself always looking over my shoulder to make sure its still there! It's cool to see the video when I get back to the office and can see how tweaking altitude, angle could improve the shot for next time out.

AD - How easy was AirDog to operate?
Rich - It certainly takes a bit of calibration and tweaking to get it working, but there are some great tech videos the AD team have put together that make the process way easier. I think once I understood the GPS process and why errors occurred it became like yeah of course that won't work because 'XYZ' hasn't been calibrated correctly. 

AD - What are your thoughts on the quality of footage?
Rich - I think the quality of footage is great and can only improve with firmware updates to the tracking system. 

AD - Any reactions from people around? 
Rich - Everyone is pretty stoked on the technology...especially my 8-year-old son! 

Rich also had this to add - 
"I would like to thank everyone at AirDog for all the hard work they have put into making their dream a reality. It is super cool to be backing such an innovative product. Keep working on those updates and hopefully everyone on the backer list gets their AD for Christmas. I am sure you are getting a bit impatient with delay after delay, but hey as I said earlier a fully functional AD is worth the wait."


AirDog in New Zealand




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