AirDog Floater Accessory

November 04, 2015

(For Peace of Mind)

AirDog is designed to land at home when you command it to and automatically if the battery reaches a low level during adventure sports on water, so your AirDog is safe. But after many questions and requests we've begun designing a floater attachment for those that will be using AirDog to film extensively over water (Wake, Surf, Windsurf and Kiteboarding).

While the floater can’t be regularly used for landing in water, it is perfect for emergency landing. The floater will add weight and reduce flight time and speed, however the floater will prevent AirDog from sinking if something unplanned happens, providing peace of mind and saving your GoPro. A solution for something you’ll most likely never deal with.

The floater is made from EPP foam and has thermoplastic coating. There’s two snap fit points and a few extra velcro bands. Just as AirDog is foldable and super easy to travel with (just put it in your backpack), so will the floater be easy and quick to attach. Just snap and go.



*AirDog will most likely not survive a salt water emergency landing, but the floater attachment will save your camera. In case of landing in fresh water, AirDog will sustain damage but there’s a chance AirDog will survive (no guarantee) after drying. Again, the floater is only meant for emergency landings and development has been spurred by the many questions and requests from the AirDog community.


surf wakeboarding



Rory Mulderrig


Has this progressed I use my airdog for wakeboarding behind a boat


Eldars Eivazovs


Kris Miller, the Float will be available in the coming 3-4 months Further information is not available at the moment.

Kris Miller


Any update on availability? - we are past end of Q2 Aris


Matthew Rickard


Is it not possible to make the product water tight to save the airdog when landing on water. I am a windsurfing coach and we are regularly far offshore not allowing for a dry landing (unless it is possible to land in the coach boat, but unlikely in windy conditions). This product will have great potential if you can make it water tight. Tech in the world of sailing is becoming very common in the training environment and this would be a massive addition to the tools already used if it was usable with a water landing.


Aris Indrans


Hi Tony, Floater will come as an upgrade and will be available for purchase on our online store in the beginning of the second quarter next year.

Tony Barnett


Does it come STD with the AD or is it an optional extra? If so can I order one somewhere for delivery with my AD - most of my use may very well be over water- fresh or salt.