AirDog in the Land Down Under

January 14, 2016

Leon is one of our Kickstarter backers and beta testers. After seeing a video he published we gave Leon a call to hear his first impressions.


Leon's First Impressions

AD - What will you be using AirDog for?
Leon - Well I’m a bit of an extreme film nut. So surfing, kitesurfing, MTB, just some general filming. AirDog is about me capturing me. I’m always filming everyone else and now I can capture myself from a cool perspective - with aerial footage.

AD - How can you describe the feeling of using AirDog for the first time?
Leon - Nervous! I kept looking over my shoulder, but once you get used to it and realize it does exactly what its supposed to, you have fun. And I was itching to get back and look at footage. I was quite skeptical about the smoothness of the video, but it’s amazing what I’ve gotten from the first couple of flights.

AD - Were you surprised by anything?
Leon - Well with the controls there aren’t too many buttons, but you have enough to have flexibility. Skipping between between joystick mode and adjusting the altitude is easy - positioning AirDog is really easy to maneuver, I think it’s perfect.

AD - How easy or difficult is it to use it?
Leon - After going through the manual it’s intuitive - very intuitive and very clear.

AD  - Is there anything you’d like to add? 
Leon - I’m excited about the potential benefits - I fly other drones, but at the end of the day, it's groundbreaking, having something that you don’t have to control is amazing.


We totally agree, with AirDog’s Auto-Follow flight modes, you’ve got a drone that captures what you want while you focus on your action! Groundbreaking is great to hear :).

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Aris Indrans


Hi Bruce, Minimal distance you can set is 5m (GoPro makes it seem further), we can't risk having anyone position it any closer than that as by changing direction or movement speed you risk running into it and with 12″ propellers you definitely don't want that to happen. Also, GPS signal might now always be perfect and +/- 5m error is taken into account. Its all about keeping our users safe.

Bruce Gaynham


Why does all the footage I've seen seem as if the Airdog is so far away from the action? I know the GoPro itself is one reason for that but surely you would then compensate by flying the Airdog much closer to yourself?