AirDog's Wakeboard Flight Mode

August 05, 2016

Filming Yourself in Action

When it comes to getting epic footage of yourself shredding in a wakepark, you’ve usually got 2-3 options:

    1.    Wear an action cam, so you get that POV shot, which usually takes the epic out of the equation.
    2.    Get a friend to film you. But that means planning a shoot and hoping your filming pal doesn’t miss any shots. Plus multiple takes.
    3.    If you’re living the life, your third option is to call in a chopper with a film crew.

There's a better way to get the shots you need and that’s where AirDog comes in. 

AirDog’s Wakeboard flight mode is the easiest way to get the shots you want when you’re shredding. All you have to do is set a virtual line path* for AirDog to follow using the AirDog app, strap AirLeash on and position* the auto follow drone where you want it. The next part is what you do best. Ride.

And landing?

AirDog will take care of it, once you’re finished riding or if the battery runs low, AirDog will automatically elevate to a safe altitude, fly back to the initial takeoff spot and land itself.

In a day when we’ve got so much tech that’s supposed to simplify things, that tech usually gets in the way, and that sucks when all you really want to do is ride. That’s why we made AirDog the easiest drone to use and what makes AirDog the only drone built for action sports.

*Using the AirDog app users are able to set a virtual path that AirDog will follow. Allowing for multiple for AirDog to change its direction. AirDog will stay on this line and won’t deviate ensuring safety for the athlete and keeps AirDog from crashing into any obstacles all the while keeping the ride in frame. 

*While wearing AirLeash users can position AirDog to film from the front or behind. It’s also possible to change the altitude in which AirDog flies at anytime while AirDog is airborne.

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