AirDog Shipping Begins

September 30, 2015

AirDog goes out to the first beta testers

The first pack of AirDogs are on the way to our beta testers (outside the US). The units have left for our logistics partner’s distribution center. This has taken longer than we wanted, and you’ve been waiting as well, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what adventures you capture with AirDog.

Anticipation is building!

FCC certification has been a thorn in our side, and once we receive the news from the FCC we can begin to ship to US beta testers, so stay tuned for the updates. 


Extra AirLeash Update

For those that have asked about extra AirLeashes or have pre-ordered them during the Kickstarter campaign:

  • For backers, additional AirLeashes will be shipped December
  • Ordering an extra AirLeash for other customers, will be made available mid October
  • Full functionality of 2 AirLeashes per AirDog will be completed by December (AirDog software update required)

AirDog in the Swiss Alps

Some of our crew made it out to the Swiss Alps for altitude follow testing and it was a good thing we went, a couple of issues popped up that weren't apparent in flat terrain tests. The tweaks have been made and were easy to fix. Getting to test AirDog at such rapid altitude changes some more was great and we were pumped about its performance. Our guys aren’t pros at MTB, so AirDog's performance in the video is the focus here ;)

Watch the uncut video from one of the test rides -




If you’ve purchased AirDog during the Kickstarter campaign, login (top right of the page) and provide us with your telephone number so your AirDog can ship!




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