Among the First

November 10, 2015

Customer's videos are rollin' in!

Janis Bruns, one of our customers (and beta testers) has been testing his AirDog for a couple of weeks. Last weekend Janis took AirDog out on a beautiful and windy (10m/s) day. This video is the result, just him, a friend and AirDog. Shot and edited totally by Janis, no Airdog team assistance at all! (Well, we changed the song in order to publish the video.) 

After he shared the video, we asked Janis a few questions. 

AD - Since having AirDog, what’s your first impressions been with it? 

J. B. - Well this is a cool asset to have if you have a GoPro. I had one (GoPro) before and AirDog will definitely add a different perspective to the the shots I want. 

AD - Where will you be taking AirDog? 

J. B. - I’ll use AirDog for some motorcycle rides. Also, now since I have it, I’ll have to add some Winter sports to my list of things to do. It’ll be cool to get to do some extra stuff. 

Janis also remarked on how easy AirDog is to operate. “It’s pretty easy to use, I’d say if you know how to use a smartphone, then you can use AirDog." He also added that he’s getting a lot of attention while using it - “People are really interested. They’re excited about what they’re seeing, it’s totally a ‘wow’ kind of thing.” 




Our team is looking forward to being a part of the moments that make your stories. 



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