Breddas & the World's First

September 15, 2015

Full-Auto Wakeboarding Film Session

In the beginning of September some of our crew (Martin and Armands) went to visit wakeboarding legends. Three brothers well known as Breddas (Jamaican name for brothers). Since some of our team are avid wakeboarders (Armands has even somehow won a few national titles), we were keeping an eye on Breddas Instagram account and videos long before this trip.

We figured that there was no better way to test AirDog's cable park mode (LINE mode) other than making the trip and visiting Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremiah Hoppe. They were pulling sick tricks on custom built backyard wakepark constructions - kickers, a-frames and slides, some borrowed from snowboard parks, but all built by their hands. The guys welcomed us (they were super nice and opened their house), and we spent two amazing days at their wakepark.

The wakepark by Rixen Systems is fully autonomous after initiation, the same as Airdog. Mattias decided to do a session with no help - no drone operator, no cable park operator, just a one man show. He set up some GoPros, started AirDog from AirLeash and went for it. We didn’t set out to create the world’s first fully autonomous wakeboarding film session, but those sort of things can happen with AirDog. Enough words, here are two videos -  the edited version and uncut footage.



More about LINE mode: Simply set two endpoints and AirDog will follow you, it’s a piece of cake!



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