Kickstarter Success

July 31, 2015

AirDog funding by Kickstarter, a Success

Our Story

Businesses, companies, startups, the lone entrepreneur, they’ve all got a few things in common. They use risk (at times) as motivation, they’re up for challenges (which come aplenty) and they’re usually always backed by some type of support. Whether it’s other businesses, friends and family or Kickstarter backers. And sure, as a Kickstarter backer, you’ve got incentive and that’s part of the deal. But here’s something we want to say, and we mean it. Thanks. Thanks for being a part of this community and for sharing the same love for adventure sports. You’re a vital and essential part to everything we’ve done so far and everything that we’re going to do in the future. 

Your Story

Stories. It’s something that’s always been a part of humanity. And it’s something more central to our live’s than we may think it is. You’ve got one, we’ve got one and it’s rad when they intertwine. And AirDog helps mold and amplify your story, and that excites us. 


After we had a pretty solid idea of the direction AirDog was taking us, we knew we couldn't do it alone and we didn't want to do it alone. That's a pretty cool thing Kickstarter was able to do in our case. Connect others from all over the world that have a passion in Adventure Sports and build towards something that didn't exist before. And what a ride its been. From a successful campaign to our first week of shipping to our beta testers, its been wild. Yes, there have been setbacks from which we’ve learned from and we can look back and be thankful for these lessons.

Due to the Kickstarter success, we garnered a bit of attention. We were featured on Bloomberg, BBC, The Verge, and more, here’s a short overview of the global coverage AirDog has received, which has led to more people joining us on this venture.

Bloomberg, The BBC, AirDog's premier on Daily Tomorrow by CNET and Reuters just to name a few.

Founder's Club Member Spotlight

As we mentioned briefly in our newsletter and Kickstarter update, we recently had Kevin Hancox, one of our most active community members join us for a visit. We gave place for any and all questions Kevin had, gave him a go at testing AirDog out and also revealed his Founder's Club membership. 

It was a great experience having Kevin around. Interacting with those that share the same enthusiasm for AirDog is wonderful. Watch the video we made while he was in town. 



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Richard N Jones


It should be a great story, but it is actually a story about a lack of honesty, sincerity and abuse of the Kickstarter culture. I, like many others, ordered the product back in January 2015, and as such helped fund the business with the vision that providing the funds up front, a great product would be developed, and we would be a part of the journey.

In the end, myself and my other seed capital providers are left in the dark, with vague delivery promises that are never met. All this while the product is sold freely on Amazon and other outlets at full price, whilst the early purchasers are hung out to dry.

My experience so far is that companies like Air Dog who abuse the Kickstarter principles should be publicly called out, so that others are not tempted to abuse the system. Nearly 2 years after paying, I still have no product and have to chase for vague comments, whilst seeing the finished product out on a general sale.

Shame on you.