Kitesurfing in Texas

February 04, 2016

With A Kickstarter Backer

Out on the Gulf Coast of Texas around barrier islands just outside of Corpus Christi you'll find AirDog backer Kynan Stevenson shredding with AirDog. As one of the backers that are sharing their first videos with AirDog and among the first to recieve AirDog (as a Beta Tester) Kynan took some time out from a visit to Colorado for a quick chat about his first impression with AirDog.


AD - What are your passions and interests?
Kynan - Currently right now it’s all kitesurfing, I used to race MTB a ton when I was younger, but where I’m living now, kitesurfing is perfect. 

AD - What will you using AirDog for? 
Kynan - Mostly kitesurfing. Maybe some paddle boarding and kayaking, I’m sure I’ll be throwing AirDog up to capture that as well. 

AD - Were you surprised by anything while using AirDog? 
Kynan - I work in the software industry, so I understand the complexity of trying to create something like this, so I’m very impressed that the Airdog Team has been able to accomplish something like this. I didn’t have a ton of expectations coming in, I mean as a KS backer you know it’s a gamble in hoping that something actually get’s produced and you know, I’m pretty impressed. During my last session AirDog worked perfectly! The thing that’s new and different for me is having this contraption there that you think you need to deal with, but you don’t really. So getting over the mental hurdle that it’s just going to be there and do what’s its supposed to is interesting for sure. 

AD - How can you describe the feeling of using AirDog for the first time? 
Kynan - Well, you need to relinquish control and realize that its going to be doing the flying! Once you get passed that, the feeling is pretty incredible, it just works and flies and does the right thing. The other impression has to do with AirLeash, it takes no time to make adjustments.

AD - What'd you think about AirLeash?
Kynan - With AirLeash I have control over what AirDog can do, I was impressed with the nature of AirLeash. It took no time at all to adjust positions even without having to look at AirLeash, it's just on your arm and its nicely laid out!

AD - Did you like the quality of the aerial shots? 
Kynan - I think the quality is very, very good. I think you guys made the right choice with the 2 axis gimbal, it’s very, very hard to get any part of AirDog in the shot, if you’ve got a 3 axis gimbal and the drone banks pretty hard, you’re going to get pieces of the drone in the video. So I’m impressed with the video. 

AD - Is there anything you’d like to add?
Kynan - I signed up as a Kickstarter backer, so when you do that, like I said, it’s a gamble, but at this point I really like what I see and I wish AirDog great success. 

"It took no time at all to adjust positions even without having to look at AirLeash, it's just on your arm and its nicely laid out!"

If you have to worry about operating a drone while surfing or skiing, you’re missing out on the moment and technology just get’s in the way. That’s why we built AirDog and AirLeash for action sports, so you can have awesome footage of what you really love.



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