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October 19, 2015

AirDog, the world’s first auto-follow drone for adventure sports.

We say that often, and for good reason. We began testing AirDog at the end of 2013 and launched our Kickstater campaign in June 2014, we were fully backed by some amazing folk (we truly can’t understate their amazingness) and we’ve now shipped the final version of AirDog to beta testers.

Are there other drones on the market? You betchya.

But AirDog is the only drone specifically built for adventure sports. 

Your dog needs a (Air)Leash

AirDog is controlled with AirLeash, a waterproof and wearable device. Which allows you to easily adjust height, distance, and landing options, even in the middle of your run. No need to worry about a remote control or your smartphone. AirLeash has a lot of tech inside, learn more about what's inside.



International Coverage

For those that haven’t been following we’ve been been covered and featured by many International news outlets and blogs. Some of which includes Engadget, Yahoo and The Verge (these articles and videos are a bit older, but we've got some new stuff coming up.)
We’re also pumped about partnerships with some great brands and athletes, this is in the works, when the time is right, we’ll let you know about it.


Awarded the best Drone at CES

While at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier in the year, we were named the winner of the “Best Robot or Drone’ for 2015. We weren't expecting that one. Humbled and grateful for the award it was a nice nod to the hard work we've put in. We think the award is like a reflection of the potential our backers saw in the beginning. 

“What separated AirDog from the many (many) other drones at CES this year was its clear focus. Its sole purpose is to be your dedicated aerial cameraman. It supports Sony and GoPro cameras, follows you wherever you go, folds down to a backpack-friendly size and comes with custom "modes" for different sports. It may be designed to follow, but when it comes to action sports video, it leads."

- James Trew of Engadget

AirDog flies for local media

Last week we presented AirDog to the local media, here's a short video that highlights our time with them. On the wakeboard is 2014 Latvian Wakeboarding champion Dmitrij Zeigliš.





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