Our First Beta Tester

October 09, 2015

AirDog's first beta tester gets his AirDog

Kristjan Aiaste, our first beta tester made the drive from Tallinn to Riga to pick up his AirDog. The day it was handed over to him we made a short drive out to the coast so Kristjan could take AirDog for a spin.

Kristjan had this to say from Facebook after his first AirDog encounter:

“… it really works. Airdog team has pulled it off! ... you do not want to miss out on this."


"... you do not go filming, you are letting yourself being filmed... Shoot me!"


We shot a short video with Kristjan the day we went out. And we also have the raw uncut footage so you can get a taste of the flight performance in windy conditions with gusts up to 9 m/s.

It was great to witness excitement about AirDog from someone outside of our team, it’s like our baby growing up and starting to leave! We can’t wait until more of our beta testers get their AirDogs.



The raw uncut footage


After Kristjan made it back to Estonia he took AirDog out on his own to an abandoned quarry. 

"I was totally alone, not a single person in sight and I was capturing great, dynamic footage."

These are the sort of things we're waiting to hear as we move along.

Make sure you check up on our blog regularly as we continue to create and share stories with AirDog.



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