Paragliding in Bavaria

February 17, 2016

A short while ago we were in Munich for ISPO 2016, and among the loads of cool people we got to meet we met Tobi Deckert from Skywalk. One thing led to another and we ended up in Unterwössen, handed Tobi AirLeash and let him have a go with AirDog. In addition to land skis, Tobi also went paragliding. And while AirDog doesn't (yet) have a dedicated paragliding flight mode we were still able to make do after planning out his flight path. So Tobi set AirDog's altitude and distance and just went for it. Check out the video and what Tobi had to say about using AirDog.

In addition to going out with Tobi, German media PULS came along, shot some video and ended up doing a review on AirDog. So if you ever took German, it's time to brush up.




AD - How can you describe the feeling of using AirDog for the first time?
Tobi - It was definitely surprising how easy everything was! The setup of the drone in 2 minutes, the controlling, everything worked fine as promised from the beginning on!!

AD - Were you surprised by anything?
Tobi - I was really surprised about the accuracy of following especially in strong winds, I was even able to settle the drone at critical spots behind the kite and still the drone was always in total control!

AD - Was it easy to make adjustments w/ AirLeash?
Tobi - Yes, indeed, even while flying in my paraglider I was able to adjust the angle of the drone with the simple kept buttons on the AirLeash. It is quite intuitive and it took me a couple of minutes to understand the working principle.

AD - What did you think of the aerial shots?
Tobi - I'm super stoked about the framing! As I do a lot of filming by myself, I know how hard it is to frame perfectly (especially in the action sport business). For "real" and good drone shots you normally need another person operating the camera for perfect angles, AirDog is just framing you always perfectly due to the well working acceleration sensors.

"I was really surprised about the accuracy of following especially in strong winds."

While we're focusing on other action sports right now, sometime in the future we might be developing a flight mode for paragliding. What was cool was the fact that without a dedicated flight mode for paragliding, AirDog was able to keep up in a scenario we haven't tested AirDog in (of course after we planned out the flight path).



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