Snowboarding in Austria with Markus Lahmer

December 09, 2015


This week we got some pretty sweet footage from Markus Lahmer hittin' the slopes with pals. We made a quick call to get Markus' thoughts on his early AirDog adventures.

AD - So, other than snowboarding, what will you using AirDog for?
Markus - Kiting, wake surfing for sure, skiing and some other mountain sports.

AD - How can you describe the feeling of using AirDog for the first time?
Markus - I was like let’s get going! I saw only one ski video before, so after starting AirDog I saw that it kept following so I wanted to know how it follows at high speeds - the goal was to see if it can handle some good speeds and for sure there's potential. We were going about 60 km/h (37 mph).

AirDog - Was it easy to make adjustments during your ride?
Markus - At some point I had to make some adjustments, to get a better angle or away from trees. One press [on AirLeash] and adjustments quickly worked.

AD - Anything else?
Markus - I think it is cool that it's really easy to use, fits in backpack.

AirLeash Durability

On Facebook Markus told us he woke up to find that he'd accidently parked his car halfway over AirLeash. After AirLeash spent some time recovering in warmth (all frozen and beat up due to being underneath a car tire all night) it showed its stregnth by still working. We don't recomend storing AirLeash under your car ;).



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