The Future of Water Skiing

March 03, 2016

Athlete Performance and AirDog

Aside from creating and sharing amazing videos, AirDog is perfect for athletes serious about improving within their sport. AirDog gives athletes aerial footage they’d usually need a whole crew to capture, in a way that’s so easy it’s almost unreal. The fact that the athlete or coach can get this footage so easily is opening doors that have been closed until now.

While in Orlando last January we met up with Drew Ross and Jason McClintock. After giving them a go with AirDog they shared their thoughts about the future of water ski performance analyzation and how AirDog’s Water Ski flight mode fits into the picture.

"AirDog is going to allow the athlete to see and compare improvements that they make in terms of the technical structure and how that translates into improving the line and the path." 

- Drew Ross

Every sport has it’s own set of challenges, so we’re working with athletes and coaches, to better meet the standards pros need for precision following.  And it’s been a challenge for sure (we even crashed a couple times while in Orlando), but it’s all a part of getting better. This April we’ll release the Water Ski flight mode in a software update, and we will continue to fine tune it.

* Drew Ross - Coach, Slalom Water Ski Champ & Record holder
* Jason McClintock - Canadian Water Ski Team & Water Ski Coach
* Doreen Llewellyn - Red Bull Athlete

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