Top 5 AirDog Videos

December 30, 2015

We still can’t believe the new year drops this Friday, it’s crazy! So as 2016 creeps up, we put together a list of our top 5 favorite AirDog videos from 2015. Some of the videos are from users and some are from us. Happy New Year from everyone at Airdog!


1. Connecting the Dots

The story of pro surfer Kepa Acero. Read the blog post.


2. Snowboarding with Toms

Toms Petrusevičs is a snowboarder from Latvia, he'll be using AirDog as he trains for the next Winter Olympics. 



3. Moto Enduro

A user video from the UK, we totally dug the following speed that AirDog shows here.



4. Breddas Wake Session

This was the World's first fully autonomous wake session. Check out the raw edit.



5. Snowboarding in the Alps

Filmed in the Alps by an AirDog user using the Snowboard flight mode, there's some nice speed in some shots.



Community Favorite

The Windsurfing Santa video was a community favorite for sure! After Christmas Santa took some time to catch some waves in 34mph wind (30 knots)! 


Oh yeah, if you don't know much about AirDog here's a quick rundown. AirDog is The Action Sports Drone. It's got specific flight modes for surfing, skate, MTB, MX, wakeboarding, kite and windsurfing, skiing and snowboarding. AirDog is controlled with AirLeash, a weareble waterproof device that doubles as the tracker that keeps AirDog following you, no matter the terrain, allowing you to capture yourself in action.




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