Wake Way

July 04, 2016

Summer, water, shredding & Vilnius

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology takes advanced testing, because there is only one way to be the best - by working with the best and learning from the best.

Just recently we paid a visit to the neighboring land of Lithuania to test the new multi-line feature for the wakeboard cable park mode, and of course to do some video shooting with Nick Davies and some great local riders. We arrived prepared - with 4 riders of our own, but little did we know that everyone would be super stoked to get their chance of shredding with AirDog by their side.


After tinkering and tweaking around with the new mode, finding the best angles, the best multi-line setup and running some solid test runs, we were confident in the performance of the new mode. After seeing Nick Davies strapping on AirLeash and going all out in the park there was no argument that the performance and smoothness of the autonomous flight of AirDog is just simply amazing and breathtaking.

It was a valuable trip for our team to understand what works and what needs some work in terms of the new multi-line feature, but overall we did spectacular, all the riders and viewers were mesmerized by AirDog’s auto-follow performance and I believe that not a single action sports loving soul on this planet will be left disappointed after receiving their own AirDog. After these kind of tests I am always left with a feeling that we are not making just a drone for people to buy, we are making something unique, reliable and outstanding, and that’s what thrills us. We are making something that has never been created before, we are making something you have never seen before, even if you think you have, you probably haven’t, you must see it for yourself.

Words: Toms Upitis • Airdog Team



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