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July 29, 2015

AirDog & Red Bull Travel to Mexico for the Surf Science Project

In Mexico with Red Bull

Back when AirDog was in an early prototype phase the Red Bull High Performance team invited six technologies to take part in the Red Bull Surf Science project in Mexico’s warm waters. The goal was to test and push at that time the current technologies in real life and somewhat rowdy conditions in order to analyze the tech’s performance. The idea is that the data gathered from these tests and future tests, can at some point benefit coaches and their athletes.

As one of the six techies who took part in the project we were able to give Red Bull and their surfers some aerial footage. The footage AirDog provides can be invaluable for those that want to have a vantage point that used to be reserved only for those with crazy budgets.

AirDog can’t replace coaches and isn't trying to, but it can definitely help as a tool for taking the next steps that are necessary for improvement.

Edgars, one of our founders had this to say:

“We were incredibly honored to be invited to RedBulls’ Surf Science Event. To track performance in action sorts like surfing it is very important to have that 3rd person view video footage. It was exceptionally exciting to show the HP team how AirDog can be used for performance tracking, and to try and tackle the challenges unique to surfing. Everyone was impressed with AirDog and its capabilities.”

AirDog's video from Mexico:


Red Bull talks about AirDog

Technology: "AirDog" Fully Autonomous Drone

Objective: Analyze performance from a new perspective (or to give a coach a new visual perspective). Capture tight and accurate video by operating the drone by a sensor attached to the surfer. 

Hypothesis: The arms race behind developing the perfectly operating autonomous drone is in full effect. The technology is out there and being fine tuned as we speak. In a day and age where footage is critical to a professional surfer's career, AirDog aims to make the process easier. 

Experiment: Putting the system to the test, Jake paddled out with a sensor around his neck and the drone over his head.

Conclusion: The potential is great. The ability to capture quality footage at a moment's notice without the help of a camera operator will go a long way. This technology is no longer around the corner; it’s here. 

Red Bull’s rundown of the time in Mexico.



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