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It's Pow Time

Precision Following

Backcountry action demands extreme precision following, and with AirDog that’s exactly what you get. Even the most extreme elevation changes won't throw off the ultra-precise tracking. We’ve added loads of sensors to both AirDog and AirLeash, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and barometers, all of which work together to give you killer footage.

Built With LiDAR

Ground Collision Avoidance

To prevent ground collision when you're heading down uneven terrain at high speeds we’ve put LiDAR on AirDog. LiDAR works as a fall back system, sensing the distance between AirDog and the ground, running a realtime analysis of terrain elevation. If your altitude drops, LiDAR will kick in and keep AirDog from colliding with the ground, this is much more reliable than computer vision. And not to brag, but AirDog is the only drone on the market with LiDAR, making it the best way to capture yourself in backcountry action.

Shred the Line Without Distractions

Safe & Easy Landing

You don’t want AirDog to fly all the way back and land where you started, so if the battery is running low, you’ll get a warning on AirLeash and you can land AirDog at its current position with the press of a button. Didn't hear the alert? AirDog will safely pick the latest location it spotted you at and land there.

Fits In Your Backpack

AirDog is Compact & Foldable

You can take AirDog anywhere thanks to its foldable body. Got a backpack? That's good enough for AirDog. Your adventure-loving self needs freedom, and AirDog is ready to supply the proof of your adventures — with jaw-dropping aerial footy.

Full Control without the Hassle

Hands Free Control

Bulky handheld remote controls definitely weren't designed for the Backcountry. But AirLeash was. We made it possible to wear AirLeash on your wrist or arm, keeping full control of AirDog one press of a button away. The intuitive layout of the buttons on AirLeash make it super easy to control without taking your gloves off or losing focus on your run.

GoPro Control

AirDog will keep your GoPro powered while airborne. And as an upcoming feature recording will start and stop automatically, capturing your action from unlimited perspectives.

Get AirDog

The Action Sports Drone

Free shipping worldwide