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Drop In with No Worries

Ground Collision Avoidance

In order to prevent ground collision when you're shooting down a trail at high speeds we’ve put LiDAR on AirDog. It senses the distance between AirDog and the ground, running a realtime analysis of altitude changes. If your altitude drops, LiDAR will kick in and keep AirDog from colliding with the ground.

Sensor Fusion Technology

Precision Following

AirDog aggressively tracks your every move thanks to our sensor fusion technology. We've added loads of sensors to both AirDog and AirLeash, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and barometers. All of which work together to keep you in the frame while providing unmatched following performance.

No Distractions

Landing is easy, fast & safe

Once you’re done with your ride, AirLeash lets you land AirDog a few feet from your current position with just the push of a button. If the battery is low, AirLeash will notify you with a beep and if you're so in the moment that you miss the beep, AirDog will safely land itself at the latest location that it spotted you. This is different from other landing modes that instruct AirDog to fly back to its takeoff position.

AirLeash, Made for Action

Hands Free Control

Unlike bulky handheld remote controls, AirLeash was specifically designed for action sports. While on your bike, you want both hands on the bar, but you also want full control of AirDog. That’s why we made AirLeash possible to wear on your wrist or arm and with its simple layout it's super easy to select the buttons, even while wearing gloves. You've got complete control, totally handsfree.

Compact & Foldable

AirDog fits in your Backpack

Technology shouldn’t limit us, but sometimes it does. AirDog doesn’t limit, not in the least. Its foldable arms allow it to easily fit in most backpacks, giving you the freedom to roam wherever you choose and capture amazing footage without boundaries.

Power Your GoPro

Don’t worry if your GoPro’s battery is low. AirDog will keep the camera powered while you’re airborne. And as an upcoming feature recording will start and stop automatically, capturing your action from unlimited perspectives.

Get AirDog

The Action Sports Drone

Free shipping worldwide