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Surf's Up

Timer for Takeoff

AirDog uses a preset timer before it takes off to save battery life, this gives you time to paddle out and once you’re ready to catch a wave AirDog will fly-in, find you and start following. All automatically with a simple press of a button on AirLeash.

Precision Following

Go wild. AirDog will stay steady.

AirDog anticipates rapid changes in direction (think cutbacks and rotations), we filter out these movements in the surf algorithm in order to give you super steady footage and precise following.

Adapts to Your Environment

Don't Worry About the Water

While out to sea you’re bound to wipe out. And when AirLeash is underwater these changes in barometric pressure would normally cause confusion for the drone (remember, AirLeash and AirDog are constantly talking to each other). No worries though, our engineers have applied highly advanced algorithms that keep AirDog from taking a swim even when you do.

Focus on Surfing

Safe & Easy Landing

While you're surfing, AirDog actively monitors its battery level and the distance it needs to cover on its way back to shore so it doesn't run out of juice and AirDog will always land on the same spot it took off from, no matter if you told it to land (with AirLeash) or due to low battery level.

Waterproof Wearable Technology

Hands Free Control

We doubt you're going to go surfing with a bulky remote control with a massive screen attached. That's why we built AirLeash, a fully waterproof tracking and control device. Designed to be worn on your wrist or arm, AirLeash gives you full control of AirDog while allowing you to focus purely on what you love.

Go Anywhere

AirDog is Compact & Foldable

Technology shouldn’t limit us, but sometimes it does. Because of AirDog’s foldable arms, it easily fits in most backpacks so you get the freedom to head out wherever you choose and capture amazing footage. Can you say road trip?

Your GoPro is Powered

Don’t worry if your GoPro’s battery is low. AirDog will keep it powered while airborne. And as an upcoming feature recording will start and stop automatically, capturing your action from unlimited perspectives.

Get AirDog

The Action Sports Drone

Free shipping worldwide