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Follow Line Mode

Cables? Don't Worry About 'em.

Cable parks are chockfull of obstacles that a drone needs to steer clear from, so following the trajectory of your ride proves to be nearly impossible. But not in Cable Park Wakeboarding mode. With this mode, you’ll draw a flight path for AirDog to follow while maintaining a preset altitude. AirDog will follow you from behind or stay in front of you, keeping the camera aimed at you. It will only fly according to the preset line you’ve set and you can save multiple flight paths for future sessions.

Precision Following

Smooth & Steady Footage.

To get smooth and perfectly framed footage you don’t want the camera’s focus to be affected by your jumps and spins. There’s no need for AirDog to shift based on your jumps and rotations, unless you're Superman you’ll come back down to the water. Filters in our algorithms make sure AirDog is steady and only the camera makes the adjustments to keep you in the frame.

Waterproof Wearable Technology

Hands Free Control

Barometric readings and other sensors in AirDog and AirLeash provide precision following, but if you take a dip in the water the barometric readings interpret this as a sudden loss of height and makes AirDog plummet. But in Cable Park Wakeboarding we've filtered out the readings from the submerision of AirLeash to keep AirDog from going for a swim, so you get killer footage and you keep your drone.

Easy Landing

Safe & Smart Landing

AirDog will always land automatically on the same spot it took off from, whether you've finished your run or if the battery level is low. AirDog also actively monitors the battery level and knows the distance it has to cover to the take off spot to make sure it doesn't run out of power on its way back. As AirDog heads back to the takeoff spot, it will fly above 98 ft (30 meters) that way it doesn't collide with any park infrastructure.

Sensor fusion technology

Keeps you in the frame at all times.

AirDog's sensor fusion technology keeps you in the frame at all times. GPS tracking can't do it alone and computer vision isn't reliable enough for action sports. That’s why we added multiple sensors to both AirDog and AirLeash. Each device contains accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and barometers.

Go Anywhere

AirDog is Foldable

There's no limit to where you can take AirDog. AirDog folds up, and is compact enough to fit in most backpacks. This thing is ready for adventure, just like you.

Power up your GoPro

AirDog charges your GoPro's battery, too. And as an upcoming feature recording will start and stop automatically, as long as AirDog is airborne, you can be confident that your camera is running with zero battery problems.

Get AirDog

The Action Sports Drone

Free shipping worldwide