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Withstands Harsh Weather

Resists Strong Winds

In the face of strong winds, AirDog holds its own, capable of flying in wind speeds of up to 28 knots (14 m/s). Hear the wind calling your name? AirDog does and it's ready to capture your action.

Algorithms Ensure Killer Footage

Precision Following

You’re going to be jumping, tacking and spinning all over the place. Under normal programming, AirDog would track your every move, making sure you're in the frame. Windsurfing, however, is different. The maneuvers you're executing are in a class of their own, and AirDog is ready to cooperate. We’ve applied filters to make sure AirDog doesn’t freak out when you jump or make rapid changes in direction. You can go wild on your ride, and still get super smooth footage.

Adapts to Your Environment

Don't Worry About the Water

You're going to crash out there and the barometric pressure changes on AirLeash would normally cause confusion for AirDog. But thanks to our engineers, we’ve applied highly advanced algorithms that filter out these pressure change readings which keep AirDog from taking a swim (even if you do).

Keep Your Hands on the Boom

Safe & Easy Landing

When you've finished your session, or you think you've got the shots you want, send AirDog back to the spot it took off from with one push of a button on AirLeash. Oh, if you were too busy having fun AirDog will land by itself when the battery gets low.

Wearable Waterproof Technology

Full Control, Hands Free

Unlike smartphones or bulky handheld remote controls, AirLeash was specifically built for action sports. After selecting Windsurfing mode you need both hands on the boom, but you also want full control over AirDog. That’s why we made it possible to wear AirLeash on your wrist or arm. Total control. Totally hands free.

Sensor Fusion Technology

You're Always Kept in the Frame

Our sensor fusion technology enables the precision following you need, so you're always kept in frame. Both AirDog and AirLeash are loaded with sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and barometers, all of which work together to provide super precise following. It all results in wicked video.

Go Wherever You Choose

AirDog is Compact & Foldable

Technology shouldn’t limit us, but it often does. With AirDog’s foldable arms, however, it easily fits in most backpacks, giving you the freedom to roam wherever you choose.

Your GoPro Stays Powered

Don’t worry if your GoPro’s battery is low. AirDog will keep it powered while airborne. And as an upcoming feature, recording will start and stop automatically, capturing your action from unlimited perspectives.

Get AirDog

The Action Sports Drone

Free shipping worldwide